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MPT Workshop

How to prepare for the MPT plus online practice testing and review.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I highly recommend Supreme Bar Review. Without a doubt, the guidance, preparation tips, and strategies that I learned through Supreme Bar Review made the difference in me passing the Ohio Bar Exam and improving my total exam score by over 40 points."
A black man in a business suit and yellow tie.
Jonathan James
University of Dayton School of Law
"Supreme Bar Review kept me accountable for getting essays, MBE questions, and MPT's done each week, with in depth review of essays and MPT's and how to better improve them. I scored in the 94th percentile in the writing section, all due to feeling prepared having reviewed many essays and exposure to the different types of MPT's. Thank you Marc and Supreme Bar Review!"
Natalie Kahler
Natalie Kahler
Capital University Law School
“Marc was able to pick up on my mistakes that I was unaware would cost me points and honed his advice to areas I needed to improve, things to do and not to do, and was always very prompt to answer any questions. Marc recommended that I have a schedule of things that I needed to complete for each day of the week and to chart my progress for MBE. I think this was some of the most helpful advice. As a result, I could very easily see the areas that needed improvement, where I was spending most of my time, and things I needed to focus on going forward. It also helped keep me focused and on track to make sure I got everything done I needed to do for that day."
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Ryan DeAngelis
University of Dayton School of Law
"Marc provided excellent tutoring for the bar exam and I could not have been happier with his services. I really appreciated that he works with you to create a schedule and plan for every single day up to the bar exam. This helped keep me on track and held me accountable each week. I also liked that he focused on doing a lot of practice questions. He provides valuable tips on how to structure essays and MPTs. Doing so many practice questions certainly paid off when it came time for the exam as I recognized a number of the questions as ones that we had done before. I would highly recommend his tutoring services to anyone taking the bar exam in the future."
Natalie Rothenbuecher
Natalie Rothenbuecher
University of Akron School of Law
"Marc will teach you an active system of learning that will provide you with a lot of practice while focusing your attention on your weakest areas. His coaching sessions are great for tightening up your writing in a manner required for success on the bar exam. He will also keep you on track by developing and implementing a personalized schedule with you. His system worked for me, and I would highly recommend it to others.”
A man in a suit and tie smiling.
Todd Cameron
Ohio Northern University School of Law
"I would highly recommend Marc Rossen and Supreme Bar Review. Marc helped me develop a study schedule and a provided a method for studying that helped me learn each subject efficiently. Marc provided helpful tips for writing and structuring Ohio essays and the MPT to maximize my score. His instruction and feedback helped me dramatically improve my score and was the reason for my success on the bar exam. My writing scores were in the 90th percentile due to Marc's help."
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Mary Lynn Wagner Creighton
Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University

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