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Marc Rossen is a bar exam expert with over 30 years of experience helping students pass the bar exam.

Marc Rossen

Every bar exam applicant can benefit from having their own personal coach

Benefits of having a bar exam coach include...


I will personally review and critique your practice essay and MPT answers and provide meaningful feedback that ensures rapid improvement in your test scores.

Your own personalized study plan

The one-size-fits-all approach of your bar review course simply doesn't work for everybody. I will help you create a personalized syllabus that is specifically designed to fit your schedule.

Use bar review materials effectively

I will explain why simply outlining your bar review materials is a waste of time and will instead provide you with a better approach that will get you much better results in less time (no matter which bar review course you are taking).

accountability for results

It is hard to stay motivated throughout months of bar exam preparation. It is much easier to remain focused when you know that you will be reviewing your progress with someone on a regular basis and that you will be accountable for making ongoing progress.

No need to reinvent the wheel

The bar exam is different from law school. Law school methods do not always translate to the bar exam. I have helped thousands of bar applicants pass. Why waste time reinventing the wheel when others already discovered the most effective study techniques?

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Meet Marc Rossen

Marc Rossen is a bar exam expert with over 30 years of experience helping students pass the bar exam. Discover the benefits of having Marc Rossen as your personal bar exam coach.

Better Time Management

Learn how to develop a personalized syllabus to better utilize your valuable study time.

Master Legal Concepts Quicker

Learn the law faster through practice testing, feedback, and review.

Learn How To Write More Effectively

Receive valuable feedback on how to improve your written Essay/MEE and MPT answers.

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$350 / hour
  • Pay-as-you-go hourly rate (no commitment)
  • Personalized feedback
  • Assistance with study plan
  • Subject to availability

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Money Back Guarantee

If you begin my coaching program and do not immediately see the benefits of working with me toward your bar exam success, simply withdraw from this program after your first paid session and receive a full refund for all monies paid to date. No risk. No obligation.

Satisfaction 100 percent guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

Having a private tutor to provide individualized coaching and feedback is more affordable than you might think. Before spending your money on study tools that won’t help you achieve a higher score, give us a call.

We offer a pay-as-you-go option for $350/hour. You can save money by committing to at least 10 hours up-front. This lowers your hourly rate to only $300/hour. 

My coaching services compliment your full service bar review course. They are not a substitute for taking a full-service course. But they do provide the missing elements that are necessary for success on the Uniform Bar Exam, such as providing a personalized study plan and on-going individualized feedback on your written answers (MEE and MPT). 

Everyone can benefit from having a personal bar exam coach. Whether you are a first-time test taker or repeating the exam, having a personal bar exam coach to walk you through the process will ensure that you do not waste valuable time and energy.

Other bar review courses offer private tutoring with a “licensed attorney”. But simply being a “licensed attorney” does not qualify someone to help you pass the bar exam. What you really need is someone with decades of experience coaching students for bar exam success.

Marc Rossen is a bar exam expert with over 30 years of experience helping students pass the bar exam (his family has been in the bar review business for over 50 years). There is no one more qualified to help you pass the bar exam.

The Bar Exam is too important to leave to chance. With proper coaching and support from an experienced bar exam expert, you can ensure your success.

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